July Newsletter

Creative Kids @WMGallery, Letter writing on typewriters for Grandad’s Island at #WalthamstowGardenParty and a creepy crawly bug workshop at The Mill. Things to do locally, Village festival and a R.A.P party with Inua Ellams and art at Vestry House Museum. Out and about Turning tides festival in Greenwich, @NationalTheatre River stage festival, reminder for Kids week tickets

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Lake of stars mask workshop

Thank you to everyone who came to centre17 last Saturday. Bebop baby spun some funky choons as we all were hard at work creating. I took some photos of your wonderful creations. See if you spot yours.

Creative Kids gallery of craft from the William Morris Gallery

Working in Early years education for the William Morris Gallery can be at times challenging. It certainly is a lot of fun Interpreting the adult world to digestible constructs through craft ( not to mention that it should be beautiful), games, song and food. Here are a few of things we have made over the last few sessions. The Walthamstow Toy library has been invaluable in helping with play toys. Those little crafters are just amazing. Enjoy!



Flower hunt

William Morris garden displays their flowers.



Patterned plates

William De Morgan Persian influenced colours paper mached into a plate.


Sinbad the Sailor's sail

A seafaring session of the 5th voyage of Sinbad and the flying Roc. William de Morgan Triptych tile of the galleon ship as inspiration

This weave was made a few session back, with artist Carolyn Abbott.

Walthamstow Garden Party photos of Saturday 15th July

Do you recognise your album cover? The spin art and collages look so good, every persons is individual in style. I think Peter Blake would be proud. I will also post Sundays albums.