July Workshops

 This month has two corking workshops.

Starting next thursday 12th July with Creative kids. The fun under 5's session at The William Morris Gallery and the fantastic Walthamstow Garden Party, 14th and 15th July.

Creative kids is an under 5's session about weaving. We will be looking at the 'weaving new worlds" exhibition with MBE award winning weaver Rezia Wahid. During the session we have fun singing songs, playing with toys and always try to make some thing beautiful to take home, maybe even keep for life! Booking is essential See events above  for details. https://www.scribbleandsmudge.com/new-events/2018/7/12/wonderful-weaving-at-creative-kids


July 14th and 15th is The Walthamstow Garden Party is a fantastic festival of arts, culture, food, drink, dance and music all powered by local organistaions like myself, artists, schools and international artists and performers. It's an event that attracts people from all over London, as it's free on entry  http://www.walthamstowgardenparty.com/keep-it-free

The Body Builders are a group of artists hosted by The Black Horse Workshop, creating reactive festival fashion. goggles, wings, arm extensions, stilts, beards and Scribble and Smudge are making tails under the title " Fashion your ending". We hope you will come along and make something spectacular. We hope to see some dragons, my little ponies, unicorns and other beasts shaking their tail feather when they leave our workshop. The artists in our tent have created some really amazing things for you to make. There will be an amazing photo booth nearby so you will be able to see how you look! Check my insta feed or facebook page for updates See events above for details. https://www.scribbleandsmudge.com/new-events/2018/7/12/wonderful-weaving-at-creative-kids


Can I suggest, you take a picnic with you ( no booze allowed in though) , go early or even better go by bike. Once your in you will have a great time. See the garden party website for headliner music acts and times for other workshops. There are lots to see and do with families from littlies to teens. I have a few suggestions of things to see on facebook. There is so much more, if I hear I will share.

School kicks out soon,
There are some workshops and clubs locally in  walthamstow that are on offer. See: https://directory.walthamforest.gov.uk/kb5/walthamforest/directory/advice.page?id=Byj76J87gXU

Kids week, free theatre tickets and workshops on offer. See: https://officiallondontheatre.com/kids-week/

Time out has ideas for the summer holidays here: https://www.timeout.com/london/summer-holidays-in-london


Barbican Open Fest seedbombimal photos

Thank you to everyone who came out in the freezing snow to the Open fest at The Barbican over the weekend.  You made some fantastic clay bomb beasties. Deers, stag beetles, a nuthatch, hedgehogs, squirrels, adders, mice, owls and other beasties of the imagination all made by small and tall persons over the weekend. See if you can spot your seed bomb.


Hopefully the streets of London will be a little brighter with these scultptures. Sweet pea or a bee friendly mix of wild flowers. 

Lake of stars mask workshop

Thank you to everyone who came to centre17 last Saturday. Bebop baby spun some funky choons as we all were hard at work creating. I took some photos of your wonderful creations. See if you spot yours.