January 2019 Newsletter

2019 has finally arrived! Wishing you all a fantastic new start to the year with New year celebrations and a magical workshop this month.

Walthamstow Wassail

For the 9th year the Walthamstow Wassail is here! bringing cheer and song to one and all around Walthamstow. See events above: https://www.scribbleandsmudge.com/new-events/2019/1/6/walthamstow-wassail-is-coming

Creative kids at The William Morris Gallery

Art and craft workshops for under 5’s at The William Morris Gallery. A new theme is explored every month. We are visiting The Enchanted Garden Exhibition and creating some magical Fairy wings in the art workshop. see events above: https://www.scribbleandsmudge.com/new-events/2019/1/10/fairies-and-angels-at-the-william-morris-gallery


Flower fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

Things to do out and about in Walthamstow This January

London Borough of Culture 2019

Opening events start January Friday 11th to Sunday 13th. At the Town Hall, Forest rd and Lloyd park. Road closures on Forest rd over the weekend for a massive family friendly celebration with international artists. Site specific film, a Laser feast, and a winter carnival. https://walthamforest.gov.uk/content/welcome-forest

Bugsy Malone with Centre17, join the community production.

stage acting parts , stage help and much is needed is here: Anyone can join from reception to 100 years old. See: https://m.facebook.com/groups/528483967310923