Scribble and Smudge is 10 years old!

It's unbelievable how time has flown by. 10 years of fun, laughter, making new friends and forever inventing craft with and for persons young and old, throughout Waltham Forest and beyond. I hear families keep some Scribble and smudge craft for years!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. It warms our cockles. Here's a list of persons and organisations that have helped make Scribble and Smudge what is is today:

Stow Film Lounge with nick and Joanne, Walthamstow Family Wassail with Lucy Gibson, Walthamstow Toy library, their trustees, Carla and Helen, Voluntary Action, Centre17, Disability resources centre, Walthamstow West children's centre, Maxine , Alison Emmett, Colette, Church hill Nursery, staff Sarah, Pat, Helen, Soraj, Natasha, Sandra Campbell, Naila,  Joyce, Whitefield school and children's centre with Erin McCarthy and staff, The William Morris Gallery and creative kids team, Teanne, Sharon, Sue, Helen, Caroline, Vanessa, Victoria, Maria, Front of house Aliatz and Roger ( I can not thank the volunteers enough, thankyou thankyou), The Vestry House Museum, Gary and James, Anna and Karina, The world wild life fund team on Donana project Roberta, The Drones, Sheila at Pimlico toy library, Young Person's Caribbean Carnival, Roland at Inspiration arts, Andrea Encinas at British gospel arts, Low hall nursery, Groundswell Arts Angeline and Gareth, Greenleaf primary school, Crazy Beat Records with lovely Gary, Salaam Peace, The Barbican, Create, Artichoke, London Borough of Waltham Forest, Emma, Hannah Beharry, Yellow Bird nursery, English Folk and Dance Society, Safer neighbourhood team Pc Hassan and PC Francesca, Kin Design, E17 Art trail, Stella Creasy, St. Mary's arts Collective, Jen, Cameron, Vanessa and Gary and Alexandra Palace.

Persons who have helped make, create, craft  and graft for Scribble and Smudge. A million gratitudes and love to you all : Kerry Luter, Carolyn Abbott, Lizzy Renihan, Erica, Alison Emmett, Tamara of the social element agency, Lucy Rainbow, Dee Honeybun, Caroline Jupp, Karen Logan, Gabi Vianni, Clare Needham, Stuart Mcghee, Jerome Anderson, Ali Reader, Marijke . Scribblers: Rhian Whitehead, Carolyn Sharma, Alison Worrow, Akiko Usami, Vanessa Brightwell, kin design, Kevin ( my beloved), my kids and my mum.  My mentors: Sandra Campbell, Susan Warren, Laura Kerry, Akmar Hasmaruddin.

Most importantly all of you who have ever come to any of our workshops. Thankyou. Wishing you all many more years of creativity to you.

CRANE WISHES, made by participants at Advent’us’ December 2016. I wonder if your wishes came true? See the video below.
Recording of wishes folded into origami cranes at St.Mary's Church, walthamstow during the Advent'us' project. December 2016