magic cloaks

Here are the magic cloaks made at Creative Kids this month, with beautiful embroidery made by under 5's and their careers. We looked at the May Morris exhibition for inspiration and concentrated on the Forest Homestead cot quilt.

 Its an easy make. felt shapes with holes for a ribbon to be sewn. I substituted a needle with a wooden dowel, attached a thin ribbon and let them go at the shape, reinforcing the idea of in and out. Adults can sew the animals with proper embroidery i.e  blanket stitch onto the capes. A lovely project for a joint effort with child and adult.

 The cape is an oblong cloth, folded in half and sewn along one top edge.  slits on the neckline to thread a large strip of ribbon. The hood falls beautifully for a full magical effect. I took inspiration from

Enjoy the photos.