Walthamstow Wassail photos 2017

Here are photos from the Family Wassail at The Vestry House Museum yesterday afternoon.

ThankYOU for making our trees, bees, apples and cheese be prosperous in our little 'STOW for 2017.

There are some wonderful robin masks and photos and videos of the Wassail event below.

Making the robin masks.

Out to Wassail in The Vestry house museum orchard

Mark from Froth and rind's wassail

Insult 2nd by Mark at Froth and Rind

pickled onion song by Family Wassailers

Thankyou to 

The Vestry House Museum

, to 

Froth and Rind


 for  the bonfire, never underestimate our wonderful volunteers who helped on the day at the workshops and opening their homes Helen, Erica, Alison, Kev, Simon, Ama and Tony, Helen, senior wassailers, Lucy's mum and dad, Geoff , apple cake lady ( sorry i do not know your name),  pubs for hosting the choir

The nags head


The village pub


Walthamstow folk club

 and of course Lucy for organising the Walthamstow Wassail 2017.