Creative opportunities for young children

 Here are some thoughts from Sandra my trustee about creativity for the young.

Creativity…it’s so important for children to be able to express themselves in their own ways, to be able to experiment with new and different media and materials, to be able to work through their worries, to be able to experiment with ideas and solve problems, to be able to pretend that they are someone or something else, to imagine.
At a time when the school curriculum is narrowing and there are concerns that creative opportunities are being pushed out, creativity is still at the heart of children’s learning at Church Hill and Low Hall Nursery Schools at which I have the privilege of being head teacher.  We are proud to have collaborated over many years with Scribble and Smudge – the passion of Lesley and her volunteers has pervaded our thinking and helped us in our quest to provide meaningful, exciting learning experiences for our young children that can be carried out in open–ended ways.
Sandra Campbell
May 2016