Walthamstow Garden Party mega den build

Scribble and Smudge would like to thank everyone who came to visit and create the most megatastic dens ever! It was a beautiful weekend, it stayed dry. We met old friends and made new friends in, over, under and around the dens. We made our own mini festival. How creative are YOU!
Thank you for supporting the workshop. Thank you Vanessa, Dee and Kev for helping over the weekend.
Enjoy the pictures below. Big dens, small dens, 5 star hotels, tent dens, tunnel dens, houses, fairy rooms, rainbow room, caves, bat cave, lions den, camping den, hiding den, leafy den, jungle den, crawl around den.....

Our first den maker!

 See Create London's facebook page or artillery island blog site for more that went on over the weekend at the Walthamstow Garden Party, Over 30,000 people came to visit our beautiful Awesomstow!