Walthamstow Garden Party, den making, 1 day left

Well things are ramping up!
Let's stop the rain,  for the weekend. The plants can have had their fun. I would like to play in some dens!
 Look out for Scribble and Smudge den making at the back of the William Morris Gallery, in the far right canopy. Other side of the wall to the Useful and Beautiful craft Marquee. Starting from 12 til 5 p.m. Free, I tell you! Come on down

I am in the schedule as around the park. See below

Lloyd park is a flurry of activity at the moment. I am excited about tomorrow.
 If  you have time after den making check out some of the events in this link by Create. http://eepurl.com/ZHiLb. All very cool!
Other good events for little ones will be mini garden area, Bebop Baby on sunday and William Morris gallery have a family day. For Grown ups, all too numerate, but I reckon Artillery Island will be a good foodie and artistic destination with Auntie Maureen and Artillery. Also to buy very cool craft at the E17 designers marquee. All nearby our den making.  I have attached more information about the event below. Ok see you tomorrow!

Stage ready for The Brand New Heavies and other Musical extravaganzas