Lega'say' screening at The Stow Film Lounge

Thankyou to all of you who came to see Lega'say' last week. We invited all who donated stories and who volunteered to make this animation come to a brilliant end. We will be next screening Lega'say' during the Walthamstow film festival in July. Details will follow soon. 
I put some of the comments we gathered below. A Big thank you to you all! You stories are wonderful. It makes us very proud to be part of Walthamstow. A Special thank you to Rhian, Vanessa, Gabi, Kev, Steve, my kids, Dee's kids ( our families had to put up with a lot) Akmar, Laura Sandra and Ray. for volunteering and supporting this project.

The comments read:
" I thought it was brilliant, thankyou..."
" You've just brought back some really good memories.  I love the film. Thankyou "
"Congratulations! Loads of fun!"
"I thought the film was brilliant. It made me feel proud to live in Walthamstow with so many friendly and interested people. Thanks Lesley and Dee."
" I liked the film it's most beautiful! And the best bit of all was my name at the end."
"Brilliant, I wanted to see more and more. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
" Lovely bit of film, well done!! Beautiful mood and loved the voice-over narration style. A great reminder of an epic year."
" Keep making films."
" Thankyou for recognising Walthamstow. We need more people like Yourselves. Well done!!"