Post tea

Thankyou to all tthat came to support Communitea.
I am hoping in the future I will be able to create workshops growing some of the teas we tasted.
Special thanks to:
Kin design for financial and emotional support
Kerry for sewing 300 tea bags
Alison for helping with In a cottage sculpture and making tea on sunday
Stuart and Claire for lighting up the floor
Jerome and Linsey for helping on the dance floor after a long night
Ray for the ( Iranian) tea pot
Adam for oozing tea enthusiasm
Selina for all her wisdom
Kev for being... mwah
Claire Campion for the Communi Tea logo
Sandra for the toys
Ai for her wonderful Japanese teas
Debbie for putting me onto vintage plates
also thanks to:
Marijke's dad and Tommy
Gary and staff at Vestry
my mum
Steve, Chloe and Gabriel
Tina and Laura at Vintage teas and all who supported me on Sunday,

Communi Tea was tweeted. See Stella creasy on 5th September