In a cottage by a wood

You can see 'In a cottage' til 26th of September 2010.

Scribble and Smudge worked with Church Hill Nursery to make a sculpture that can be seen at the Vestry museum, 1st floor in the toy gallery no.88 on art trail map
Thanks to Andrew Ludington at Church Hill Nursery School,
Effie Coe and Akiko Usami at Tate Modern and the artists:

Shazia Rasul, Maryam and Bahiyah Nothhelfer
Frances, Ethan and Ellis Richards
Claire and Mathilde Tyler
Shelina and Sneha Razib
Sophie Williams and Minnie McNicol-Williams
Erica and Edith Hodgson
Chris, Celia, Danny, Barney and Luke Marshall
Lucy, Adam and Peter Gibson
Kim Medlar and Cara Botswain-Medlar
Elliott and Ella Palmer
Luella, Jem and Amy Worrow
Holly Hubbard
Leo Seddon

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