Communitea questionnaire

Scribble and Smudge have been in hibernation over that long, long winter, but I am brewing up a new project and need your help.
I am planning to create a project about tea – called 'Communitea'.

From growing tea plants through to drinking (this includes fruit/herbal teas), it'll be a year long project, but we are hoping it'll have more longevity. I will be applying for several grants to deliver this project.

I have been in contact with some exciting people and organisations to produce a promising programme that will not only include horticuture, but cultural events, tea teachings, tastings, making tea accessories, art objects for the garden and creating foods associated with tea.

I have been researching public plots of land to grow the tea plants.

Our grant applications requires us to know how many people would like to participate and why? Also it would give us a fair idea of how much land, plants and equipment, days to work we may need.

You don't need any horticultural skills, we will all be learning together. Our aim is meet socially, have fun and do something different as a result. We aim to make the sessions as cheap as possible - free grant permitting! Although we will be working in a garden we aim to have a nearby building available with facilities. I am also thinking of creating workshops once/twice a month.

So, in order to get the ball rolling we would love to get your responses to the following questions:

1. Would you, your family, your organisation be interested in joining Communitea?

2. If so, why? ( please explain how it could benefit yourself, children etc)

3. If not, What would be a barrier to joining this project?

4. What times of the week would be convenient for you to garden?
- on a week day during the day?
- afterschool times during the week?
- or at the weekend?

I would appreciate any other comments that you feel maybe useful to our application.

Confused? Happy to answer any questions.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to your replies.
I'm happy for you to forward this email to anyone else you feel may be interested in our project.


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