Policies on privacy:
 As a change to data protection law, (General Data Protection Regulation) we will not be able to communicate with you and/or hold your details without your permission.  So if we don’t receive your consent, we will delete information. We will not e-mail you in the future unless you have given us your consent, this could be via this website's contact form, using the Mailchimp service.

If you contact Scribble and Smudge via email, outside of this website I will give you the chance to refuse any further newsletters or emails from us via the Unsubscribe button on the bottom of our Mailchimp newsletters.

Website disclaimer: We may also use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our site. This can include using "cookies" which are stored on your browser. Should you wish, you can modify your browser to prevent this happening. Information collected in this way can be used to identify you when you revisit.

Copyright and reproduction: We appreciate our images or ideas look pleasing, but it's all our hard work and would like to be credited for them. Please use the contact form to request logos, or to reuse images of our workshops and work.

More policies:  copies of policies, on Equal opportunities, Child protection, volunteering, constitution and health and safety can be sent to you on request.

Policy on photographs: 
Scribble & Smudge recognises that images can be an extremely powerful means to record and review the experiences of our activities, but also recognise the concerns of parents and guardians regarding the use of these images. 

Scribble and Smudge endeavours to take a responsible attitude towards the use of digital images. As a result we have drawn upon these guidelines, based on the dept for educations advice for the use of digital images: 

Scribble and Smudge will only take and/or use images if permission has been obtained from parents or guardians of any child. 
Where appropriate Scribble and Smudge will follow the guidelines:

  • When using images for publicity purposes (either on our website or for other publications), group shots would be used in preference to shots of individuals
  • No images will be used for anything which may be viewed as negative in tone or that may cause offence, embarrassment or distress for the child, or their parent or guardian.
  • No full names of children’s names will be used in conjunction with any images
  • We will only use images of children who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.
  • If you feel that any image used by us is inappropriate then we shall remove it as soon as possible contact: scribbleandsmudge@scribbleandsmudge.com

To provide art activities, information and services for children, families and carers in Waltham Forest and other London boroughs. 

Who Scribble and Smudge work with: 
Families, community groups, adults, children with learning difficulties and the elderly. We are based in Walthamstow NE London and can take on projects across London. 

Grants and support: 
Volunteer at Walthamstow Toy Library won grants: Awards For All and an Apex Arts grant to fund the Scribble and Smudge programme. 

O'regen grant was won for Slet for Hepworth. A project for the East 17 Art trail 2009. Scribble and Smudge collaborated with Caroline Jupp and Felicity Croydon http://www.oopps.org/pages/slet.html to produce a family exercise routine. Sited outside Walthamstow Town Hall. Children and adults made flags and badges to use during the exercise. 

Donation from Kin design http://kin-design.com/ for Communi 'Tea'. A project to celebrate the joys of tea. A series of cultural projects. The first celebrated at E17 art trail 2010. With a tea dance and families created their own blend of teas. 

Supported By Hoe St. Children's Centre, Walthamstow http://www.churchhillchildren.org/ for a Chinese New Year Tea Party. In which families helped decorate The Vestry Museum community room for a Chinese new year celebration, with a fan dancer, Tai chi and drinking Bubble tea. January 2011

Supported by The Friend's of Wingfield Park http://friendsofparkswf.org/wingfield_park and the Vestry Museum for the 2012 Walthamstow Wassail. The brain child of Lucy Gibson January 2012. 

September 2012, Community First grant, http://www.workingforhoestreet.org.uk/workingforhoestreet/tag/community-ward-forum/ for Hoe St Ward to work on a community animation called Lega 'say'. Collecting personal stories about the legacy of 2012 Olympics, jubillee and creating a short animation for a screening in 2013. A project supported by Ascham homes and Safer neighbourhoods and The Vestry House Museum. 

May 2014, Arts development grant, for Sport'ability', Olympic Legacy project. Celebration of unsung sporting skills and abilities of residents and families of Waltham Forest. Sporting achievements celebrated at the Walthamstow Garden Party, Church Hill nursery, a dads football group and Whitefields' centre and school. Culminating in a documentary animated film of personal stories. https://legasay.wordpress.com/tag/walthamstow/

December 2016,  St Mary's arts collective, for Advent;us. Scribble and smudge took part in an advent project at St. Mary's church, a public art project for anyone in walthamstow to create an origami wish for 2017. Called "Crane Wishes". The Cranes were later donated to The WWf in Surrey headquarters. for their project to save Donana.

http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/wfnews/9472728.WALTHAMSTOW__Residents_go_Wassailing/Walthamstow Wassail 2012

Creative kids, at Leyton Library for The William Morris Gallery Feb 2012 to July 2012 and ongoing